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Facial Energy Release

Facial Energy Release- face therapy is a holistic technique developed by and drawing on the work of Stanley Rosenberg, and constantly improved by Margareta Loughran. This technique is sometimes known as the 'Angel's Touch' and the 'Fingertip facelift' and "Rejuvanessence". These are their trade names.


The face is our primary organ of emotional expression. When we want to see what a person is feeling, we look at their face. Every trauma or stress sets itself in our facial muscles. Thinking about negative experiences of the past or imagining their recurrence in the future re-stimulates these same muscular patterns. Even the act of repressing emotions so that other people will not see what we feel leaves its trace. Not only in the stiffness that we use as a mask, but also in the expression that we hoped to hide from the eyes of others. 


After a while we get so used to the patterns of tension that we no longer notice them. People can go round with the same stress and strain in their face for 20, 30 or even 40 years without being aware of it.


I use precise and gentle massage to release tension in the ninety-one muscles of the face, neck, skull and shoulders. The technique works gently in harmony with the body to soothe away the ravages of time, thus releasing tightened muscles and working on the connective tissue to make it more elastic and flexible. It releases blocked energy through work on the reflex acu points and meridians, thereby detoxifying and balancing the body. The technique is completely natural and relaxing, creating a healthier, happier and younger appearance. 


To obtain the optimum results a course of 4 or 6 treatments once a week is recommended, followed by monthly 'top up' treatments.

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