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  30 minutes

Holistic Facial - £25    Facial Reflexology with crystals - £25     Advanced Facial Massage - £25

Indian Head Massage - £25   Earl Candling and Cupping - £25

If you want to mix and match treatments to make a 60 minute appointment then add £20

60 minutes

Foot Reflexology - including Fertility and Maternity and Lymphatic Drainage reflexology

 (the first treatment may take longer as it includes a client consultation) - £35

Zone Face Lift - £55

30 minutes Facial and 30 minutes Foot Reflexology - £45

Hot Stone Reflexology - hot stones on feet and legs for even more relaxation! Needs to be booked in advance as the stones need to be heated.) - £40



75 minutes

Facial Energy Release - £65

Zone Face Lift - £65

Wherever possible with my treatments, I work on a basis of mutual trust. Should an emergency crop up, and I need to cancel a session, I will do my utmost to give at least 24 hours notice to change the appointment .... and I ask my clients to do the same. I find this period of notice gives both parties time to reschedule any plans accordingly. However, in the rare occurrence of repeated client cancellations, I do reserve the right to ask for payment in advance for any future therapy sessions. This charge is then non-refundable should the appointment(s) be cancelled. Whilst such policies are not nice to enforce, they are sometimes an unfortunate necessity to ensure all business costs are still covered. I find most people understand my need for such a policy, and they appreciate that I rarely have to use it, but please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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